ION (Energy) meters

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Product Description: The Air Ion Counter is a handheld meter designed to measure ion density-- the number of ions per cubic centimeter (ions/cc) in air. It measures this number separately for positive and negative ions (+ and - ions are usually present simultaneously). This instrument is a true ion density meter, based on a Gerdien Tube (Gerdien Condenser) design, and it contains a fan which pulls air through the meter at a calibrated rate. The standard model measures up to 2 million ions/cc (for comparison, outdoor air typically has 100 to 1000 ions/cc, both + and -). The 2 million range is sufficient for almost all situations except for measuring very close to electric ionizers or strong radioactive sources. For these applications, models with ranges of 20 million and 200 million ions/cc are also available. (Range can be specified on the checkout page; all three ranges are $470.) Output Description: A plug can be inserted in the left side of the meter to monitor the output, which is a slowly-changing analog voltage. This is a stereo phone plug identical to the plug on small headphones in which the ground has been cut. An output of +1.999 volts (or -1.999) represents...

Measures negative ions generated by natural ores and ceramics, that emit a very small dose of radiation, such as Monazite and Silica. 5 measurement modes, which include Standard, High speed, Automatic, Moving average and Radiation detection modes, enable efficient measurement and provide accurate data collection. Wide measurement range of 0-100,000 (pcs/cc) Easy operation The highly accurate detector (Geiger-Müller tube) detects radiation! Less likely to be affected by air flow Light weight and compact design (approx. 420g) Good for R&D and product promotion